The VICTORIAN FLYING SCALE AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATION Inc. is a “Special Interest Group” that promotes the building and flying of radio control scale model aircraft.

The VFSAA is not a club, but a group of modellers with a common interest in building and flying scale models. Its members are required to be a member of an MAAA affiliated club, and thus be covered by insurance whilst engaged in modelling activities. Visit the VMAA website for details on Victorian Clubs and other special interest groups.

Members meet on the first Thursday of each “even” month (February, April, June, August and October, December) at The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria hall, 1 Gardenia Street Blackburn (Mel. 47 K10) at 8:00pm. The meetings include talks on matters related to scale models, and a popular “show and tell” session where members are given an opportunity to present their current scale projects. Visitors are always welcome.

The VFSAA conducts  competitions  each year. It is at these events where our members can display and fly their scale models during the year within the different classes of radio models. The association is also responsible for conducting  the State Scale Championships and when the National Championships are held in Victoria, the VFSAA is also manages and runs the scale events.

For a list of the upcoming events please refer to the events calendar on this website.

The VICTORIAN FLYING SCALE AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATION INC. is registered under the Associations Incorporation Act in Victoria, registration no. A27093N.