Types of scale models and Competition classes.

Radio controlled models are by far the most popular form of flying scale models today. The maximum weight allowed for a radio model aircraft is 50kgs, but models are rarely built this large.

Any radio controlled model aircraft weighing between 7kg and 25kg requires to be certified and inspected by a Heavy Model Inspector. Any models weighing over 25kg and up to 50kgs must be inspected during construction by a Giant Model Inspector.  Contact your local club or refer to the VMAA website  for Inspector contact information.

In addition to the formal scale competitions held all over the state each year, many clubs host “fly-in” events, specifically for scale models. The V.R.F. club in Shepparton host the Mammoth Scale Rally in September each year, and the P.& D.A.R.C.S. club host the Monty Tyrrell Memorial Scale Rally in March this year, to name just two.

Three classes of formal competition are flown for scale radio models in Australia. The international class called F4C, is for models up to 15kg. “Stand Off Scale” and “Large Scale” are two Australian Classes, with Stand Off Scale catering for models up to 7kg and is conducted very similar to F4C competitions except that the static judging is simplified. Large Scale has a maximum weight limit of 25kg, and a minimum wingspan of 2.0m (for a monoplane), and this class is conducted to the same format as F4C.

All the formal scale competitions for all classes involve two aspects of model judging – fidelity to scale (static judging) and flight judging. For the flight judging of radio classes, a flight schedule of 11 manoeuvres is flown, which includes five manoeuvres of the contestants choice.

In addition, the VFSAA conduct two main categories of radio scale competitions,  Scale (static scoring is required) and “Flying only” Scale.

Sport scale events have three categories.

Scale – This is the same as Australian large scale in the Australian rules book. Static scoring is required.

(Flying only) – Models can be A.R.F. or Built up – No static Judging.

(Flying only) Large – Models can be A.R.F. or Built up – No static Judging.

Please note if a competitor is wanting to enter into the “Scale” event but does not want their model to be static judged they can enter into either of the “Flying only” categories.

If a model has not yet been static scored by the VFSAA, the association can be contacted prior to the event to arrange for static judges to be made available on the day of the event.